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Ernestine Mohr Verified Buyer
United States

When I first got it for 1or 2 weeks I thought it didn't work because there's nothing different, but slowly I could feel my skin recover from all the environmental damage and it felt healthy on my skin. Gradually my skin became brighter and lighter. Not just the face but the body too, now I can confidently wear my favorite clothes without worrying about the uneven skin areas. I also didn't need to wear heavy foundation and use only light makeup. In love with Nubest white. will keep on using!!!

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Annamae Willms Verified Buyer
United States

It takes efforts to remain young looking like this, you know what it takes me: 3 capsules daily after meals, early bed time (never go to bed late, that stuff is damaging to your skin), good foods (more greens, less red meat), 30mins-1 hour of yoga each day. That's my regime to look as young as I am, most agree I look in my 30s but my real age is much older than that :)

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Casha Liubov Verified Buyer
United States
Easy to swallow pills

I've never written a review before but I really feel like I must write this one. I did quite a lot of dyeing and styling with my hair and eventually caused serious damage to my hair, the only solution I could think of is to shave my head entirely. But that's out of the question so I tried every haircare product I could find, from shampoo, conditions, and some expensive treatment but none worked. I then looked into vitamins to boost hair growth and improve hair health and found this supplement. It's not a magical pill that grows your hair inches overnight, but my hair does grow longer faster than before. But what matters most to me is the damage to my hair seems to be improved. The hair strand is also thicker and stronger. Take 2 pills with a meal every day and you'll see results. Highly recommended!

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Fabiola Kessler Verified Buyer
it helps, love it

I needed vegan stuff and wanted no flavoring, coloring, and preservatives. So, when finding Nubest White with no gluten, no soy and only natural and clean ingredients, I knew it the one to try. And now, I very impressed bc I get the result I always want – beautiful, radiant, and youthful skin.

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Viviane Verified Buyer
United States
Subscribe for save

this a high-end stuff but you can look for lots of promos if you subscribe to their email. they have quite many promos periodically, i've been using it for a long time, can't remember since when

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Doris Verified Buyer
I think it works

I picked Collagen for my mom on her birthday coz she always asks me how to tighten her skin and her hair. Good first news is that she got no nausea (my mom has a sensitive stomach, so she easily get unexpected effects when using some new supplements). A few months later, she happily called me and told that her hair was thicker while her skin was breaking out less. I’m so glad and decide to buy more for her.

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